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Institute of Geology


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Address:   Ukraine, 03022, Kyiv, 90 Vasylkivska str.
Phone:   (044) 521-33-16
e-mail:   kiev.univ.hydrogeol@gmail.com

Head of the Department:
Professor Oleksii Yev. Koshliakov
Hab.Dr.(Geology, Geoinformatics)

Research Areas


  • Mathematical modeling of geofiltration.
  • Hydrogeological and geological objects spatial analysis and modeling in GIS.
  • Evaluation of operational reserve of groundwater.
  • Feasibility study for appropriateness of potable, industrial and mineral groundwater exploitation.

Environmental hydrogeology:

  • Groundwater monitoring in urban areas.
  • Groundwater chemical composition changes under the influence of long-term exploitation.
  • Integrated assessment of environmental and hydrogeological conditions of the territories under the technogenic load.
  • Radiohydrogeology of drained landscapes.

Engineering geology:

  • Engineering and geological justification of certain building types projects.
  • Engineering and geological evaluation of natural and artificial slopes stability.

Activity of the Department

Major scientific achievements:

  • The original monitoring methodology for hydrogeodynamic component of geological environment of urban areas (based on GIS) was developed.
  • Mathematical models of groundwater filtration for separate areas of Kyiv were created.
  • Regional assessment of groundwater operational reserve for Ukrainian shield territory was estimated.
  • Water supply of many Ukrainian cities due to groundwater was justified.
  • Building of engineering structures was justified, including the recovery of outstanding Ukrainian monuments ľ St. Michaelĺs Golden-Domed Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Dormition in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
  • The basic laws of aviation kerosene spread in groundwaters were estimated and the pollution elimination activities were developed.
  • The original methods of laboratory and field studies of mass transfer processes in groundwater under the conditions of thermodynamic, physical and chemical balance problems under the influence of anthropogenic factors were developed.
  • The principles of radiohydrogeology of drained landscapes of Ukrainian Polessie were developed.

The scientific research results are represented in 6 doctoral and 17 candidateĺs theses, 30 monographs and numerous scientific articles.

Research process achievements:

  • The department provides specialist training in the following specializations:
    • Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (Bachelor of Science).
    • Hydrogeology and environmental safety (Master of Science).
    • Engineering geology and technological safety (Master of Science).
  • Training and research laboratories were established, including: hydrochemical laboratory; laboratory for the study of water-physical, physical and mechanical properties of soils; geoinformation technologies laboratory.

Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Koshliakov Oleksii Yevhenovych Head of the Department, Professor, Hab.Dr. (Geology, Geoinformatics)
Shevchenko Oleksii Leonidovych Professor, Hab.Dr. (Geology)
Dyniak Oksana Vasylivna Associate Professor, PhD (Geology)
Chomko Dmytro Fedorovych Associate Professor, PhD (Geology)

Institute of Geology The Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology