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Master Program Applied Geology

The educational program aims at the preparation of experts in the geological, geophysical, and simulation methods working with the problems of stratigraphy of sedimentary formations with varying genesis, their structural and material evolution, and assessment of the impact of hazardous geological processes on the natural systems and infrastructure. The program has its background in the profound system of geological knowledge to be acquired within Bachelor's programs in Earth Science, Engineering, or Geoscience.

The Master Program Applied Geology is accredited by National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (Ukraine) on 18 May 2021 for 5 years.

Deadline for acceptance of applications and documents in 2021 is 15th October


CATALOG OF DISCIPLINES (English)  (Ukrainian)

Methodology of Research and Intellectual Property The optional subjects can help acquire expertise in morphometric analysis, methods of near-surface geophysics, micropaleontology and biostratigraphy, remote sensing in geology, microstructural research, microscopy methods, isotope age dating, petrology, geochemistry and mineralogy, elaboration of geological database structures, and their use in the industry.

The Optional Block consists of 8-10 study subjects, where you can earn 6 ECTS credits per item.

The final list of options components is approved by the Scientific Council at the Institute of Geology no later than before the finish of the second semester.

The suggested list will take into account the availability of Lecturers and Instructors, the research interests of the students, and focus on the methodological part of the student’s Master’s Thesis.
Professional and Corporate Ethics
Ukrainian Language
Sequence Stratigraphy
Advanced Marine Geology
Methods of Structural Geology
Modeling of Geological Processes and Structures
Geological Interpretation of Geophysical Data
Basin analysis
Natural Risks and Hazards
Research practice
Master’s Thesis


Cost of education 76300 UAH (per year)
approximately 2775 USD
Educational And Vocational Program Applied Geology
Program of the Entrance Exam
Rules for admitting foreigners
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If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask the Guarantor of Master program Applied Geology Dmytro KRAVCHENKO dmytro.kravchenko@knu.ua

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