Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Institute of Geology

 Ukraine, 03022, Kyiv, 90 Vasylkivska str.

Master Program Applied Geology

The main goals of the educational program are the preparation of experts in the integrated geological and geophysical study of composition, structure and formation history of multigenetic sedimentary complexes, modern geological processes, assessment of the impact of hazardous processes on the infrastructure objects, analysis of geological risks and hazards.

The educational program is aimed at the preparation of experts in the geological, geophysical and simulation methods working with the problems of stratigraphy of sedimentary formations with varying genesis, their structural and material evolution, and assessment of the impact of hazardous geological processes on the natural systems and infrastructure. The program has its background in the profound system of geological knowledge to be acquired within Bachelor's programs in Earth Science, Engineering or Geoscience.

Educational And Vocational Program Applied Geology

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