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New promising specialization of the Faculty of Geology – Geoinformatics.
For the first time specialization is opened in Ukraine (direction 6.040103 – "Geology").

Graduates are trained on the specialization of Geoinformatics. Finishing this course they receive qualification of the "Bachelor of Geology". It is planned to train masters.

The Department was found in 2008. (Order from 24.11.2008 ¹ 08-2054-04)

Graduates’ speciality:

  • use and development of computer programs and mathematical methods for analysis of geological information;
  • information support of womb and land use;
  • production of electronic cards;
  • planning of exploration activities;
  • design in the field of geographic information systems;
  • mathematical modeling of objects of geological environment;
  • technologies for gathering, processing, preservation and interpretation of geological and geophysical information;
  • monitoring of dangerous geological processes and the state of nature.

They may work as geologists, engineers, programmers, administrators and inspectors in and around geology and exploration, mining industry, environmental protection, resource, womb and land use. They have the best prospects to be employed in and around their specialty.

Besides the normative part of students training on bachelor’s degree that is common to all specializations on "Geology", baccalaureate program on specialization "Geoinformatics" involves studying the following courses:

  • higher algebra;
  • differential equations;
  • integral equations and equations of mathematical physics;
  • spectral analysis;
  • computational mathematics;
  • optimization methods and the theory of inverse problems;
  • programming;
  • operating systems and computer networks;
  • LAN administration;
  • database management systems;
  • geological interpretation of geophysical data;
  • mathematical models in hydrogeology;
  • mathematical models in engineering geology;
  • modeling of geophysical parameters;
  • geochemical data processing methods;
  • geological interpretation of remote sounding of the Earth;
  • modeling of geological processes and structures;
  • modeling of mineral deposits;
  • automated system of mathematical analysis;
  • geoinformation systems (GIS);
  • programming in GIS;
  • digital image processing methods;
  • classification methods in solving of geological problems;
  • marketing in the field of geological production and land bearing;

The department is headed by Prof. Mykola A. Yakymchuk, Doctor of Sciences (Senior Doctorate of Physics and Mathematics), corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, author of 500 scientific papers. Among his publications – 11 monographs, 30 methodological papers, research papers, handbooks for students, booklets, preprints, etc..

Staff of the Department:

  • Research and teaching staff
    1. Yakymchuk M. A., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Senior Doctorate of Physics and Mathematics).
    2. Zhukov M. N., Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Senior Doctorate of Geology).
    3. Virshylo I. V., Docent, Ph.D. in Geology.
    4. Tishayev I. V., Assistant, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics.
    5. Demidov V. K., Assistant, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics.
    6. Dynyak O. V., Assistant, Ph.D. in Geology.
    7. Mokienko V. I., Assistant.
  • Engineers
    1. Danilov O. V., Engineer.
    2. Leonenko N. V., Engineer (Second category).
    3. Tsuman V. S., Laboratory assistant.
    4. Kinash O. O., Laboratory assistant.

Members of the first meeting of the Department of Geoinformatics (left to right): Danilov O.V., Demidov V.K., Head of the Department of Hydrogeology Koshlyakov O.E., Associate Professor of the Department of Geophysics Reva M.V., Dean of the Faculty of Geology Vyzhva S.A., Zhukov M.N., Tishayev I.V., Dynyak O.V..

The first group of geoinformatics was hired in 2008.

The first in the history of the Faculty of Geology first course of geoinformatics

Success of the geoinformatics is among the highest in the midst of the first-year students of the Faculty.

We invite students to start their career with the direction choice in favour of "Geoinformatics". We welcome those who take a great interest in computer technology, who are strong on mathematics and informatics.

We guarantee you a store of knowledge on geological sciences, computer technologies, computer graphics, spatial information systems, automation of design work.

Institute of Geology The Department of Geoinformatics