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Dear Students!

We are glad to announce a new short-course «Sequence Stratigraphy» by Jean-Loup Rubino from the Total Professional Association. The course will pass from 10th to 14th of March, the time of classes from 9.00 to 17.00. The students who successfully pass the final test will get Certificate.

The objective of this course is to present Sequence Stratigraphy concepts and Practical Applications for petroleum exploration and reservoir production, keeping in mind that this methodology can be applied for many other purposes dealing with basin-scale geology It starts with a refresh on facies sequences and depositional environments which are a prerequisite.

Then basic concepts such as accommodation, basin subsidence, basin uplift, and relative sea-level changes will be reviewed as well as a hierarchy of stratigraphic cycles.

All these concepts will be discussed in the light of outcrop examples, well cores, well logs and seismic profiles.

Particular attention will be paid to acquire the Stacking Pattern Analysis methodology to define depositional sequences on-field sections and well logs and to perform Seismic Reflector Analysis and their terminations on seismic and also by a combined use. Even if the course is largely focus on siliciclastic settings, differences with carbonate systems will be highlighted.

Depositional sequences and their related stratigraphic surfaces, as well as System Tracts, will be analyzed on well logs and on seismic. We will separately review depositional sequences in continental domain, on the shelves and in deep water settings (turbidites). The different existing stratigraphic approaches will be compared in order to point out similarities and remaining differences with the objective for both geologists and geophysicists to avoid confusions, misinterpretations and deliver the best predictions at the basin scale as well as at the reservoir scale.

The number of participants is limited by maximum of 25 students. For successful election for this course student need to have a minimal knowledge in lithology or petrophysics, sedimentology or seismic. Registration form: https://forms.gle/8tcFFLEzxNS7zaiXA

Contact person: Dmytro Kravchenko (dmytro.kravchenko@knu.ua)

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