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Olena M. Ivanik
Associate Professor, Doctor of Geology

The Department of General and Historical Geology (Institute of Geology) stems from the foundation of Kyiv St. Volodymyr Imperial University (1834) and the establishing of the Chair of Mineralogy and Geognosy of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Faculty of Philosophy, headed by Prof. S. Zenovych (1834-36), Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Prof. E Hoffman (1836-42), Rector of the University Prof. E.-R.E. Troutfetter (1842-45) and Rector of the University, Prof. K. Feofilaktov (1845-91).

As the single unit of the Faculty of Geology the Department of General and Historical Geology exists since 1976 headed by Prof. I. Sokolovskyi (1976-84), Ass. Prof. V. Huk (1984), Prof. S. Moroz (1984-97), Prof. O. Lukiienko (1997-2003), Prof. V. Shevchuk (2003-11). Now it acts as an integrated unit of Educational and Research Institute "Institute of Geology" headed by Ass. Prof. O. Ivanik (since 2011).

I.L. Sokolovskyi
  V.I. Huk
  S.A. Moroz
  O.I. Lukiienko
  V.V. Shevchuk
  O.M. Ivanik
(since 2011)

Department Activity

Research Area:

  • Stratigraphy and Paleontology
  • Structural Geology and Geotectonics
  • Historical Geology

Major Research Trends:

  • Reconstruction of paleotectonical stress fields and structure formation mechanisms.
  • Investigation of dislocation tectonics Precambrian Ukrainian Shield tectonofacial methods of analysis.
  • Development of mezokaynozoy sediments stratigraphic schemes of the South of Ukraine.
  • The protection of geological heritage of Ukraine.
  • Simulation of geological processes and structures.

Objects of research:

  • East-European Platform Sheath.
  • Dnieper-Donets Basin.
  • Crimea and the Ukrainian part of the Carpathians.
  • Ukrainian Shield and its slopes.

Basic research methods:

  • Biostratigraphical
  • Structural and Paragenetic

Main achievements:

  • Stratigraphic scheme of Paleogene sediments of the platformed Ukraine was designed.
  • A methodology for structural analysis and determination of secondary stratification granite-metamorphic complexes of the Ukrainian Shield on the structural and paragenetic basis were developed.
  • The method mapping early Precambrian complexes of the Ukrainian Shield based on the separation of structural-material complexes was developed.
  • The technique for bulk geological mapping complex geological and geophysical data to the prediction of mineral deposits and tectonic activation was worked out.

The results of the research embodied in more than 40 doctoral theses. Department researchers published more than twenty books, textbooks, teaching aids.

Olena M. Ivanik Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Doctor of Geology
Victor V. Shevchuk Professor, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy
Stella B. Shehunova Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy
Vladimir V. Pokolyuk Senior Research Fellow. Doctor of Geology
Jean-Luc Marcel Fernand Debroux Associate
Dmitry V. Kravchenko Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Geology
Angelina Sh. Menasova Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Geology
Lubov V. Tustanovska Assistant, Ph. D. in Geology
Oleg S. Ogiyenko Assistant, Ph. D. in Geology
Engineers and Laboratory Technicians
Vitaliy P. Yanchenko Head of Educational Laboratory, Ph. D. in Geology
Olena M. Omohovska 2nd Category Engineer
Andrey E. Mazko Senior Laboratory Assistant
Natalya M. Ivanchenko Senior Laboratory Assistant
Kateryna P. Gadiatska Senior Laboratory Assistant
The research part
Galina Y. Ivankiewicz 1nd Category Engineer

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